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A Little About “Self Yoga”

Liat taking a break while hiking. 7 months pregnant (June 2019)

“Self Yoga” is something I invented, not anything anyone has taught me. It’s something wonderful I discovered by listening to my own body, and I think it holds true for all bodies. I also think it will help a lot of people.

Just like meditation or mental awareness is something that brings mental peace and clarity, and many people teach it, but it doesn’t “belong” to anyone. Whether it’s Byron Katie or Tich Nat Hahn, different teachers have different ways of explaining the same concept.

I called “my” technique “Self Yoga” because

  1. The positions often look like Yoga
  2. There is a TRUE “yoking” between breath and body (the origin of the modern word “yoga”) that I find more true than in any yoga class where you control your breathing and match it to the movement, or vice versa.
  3. SELF because your body is your only teacher. Once you understand the concept, you don’t need any teacher to tell you what your body needs because only your body knows! Not even you “know” in your mind what your body needs – only your body can show you in each moment. This makes you independent of any teacher, studio, yoga mat, special clothing, or any outside influence to be able to feel healthy, calm, relaxed and at peace in your body at any time. And I mean at any time – during an injury, after eating a huge meal… it doesn’t matter.

To be comfortable 100% of the time, with zero effort – that is the goal of Self Yoga! Yay!

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